About projects

Projects information

Z Group – Birou de Structuri specializes in the structural design of all types of buildings including steel, concrete, timber and CMU (concrete masonry unit) structures.
We have experience in many areas of design here at Z Group – Birou de Structuri, from large-scale, high-end, custom, traditional and contemporary buildings to "modest" traditional residential.
We've had great success with commercial and residential additions and remodels, custom fabricated steel structures for any field, tradeshows and art installations, high-end, high-profile residential projects as well as multi-family developments.
Whether you need earthquake design, windstorm or snow design, help with historical renovations or commercial design, Z Group – Birou de Structuri S.R.L.has the experience and the know-how to meet your demands.
The firm principles and their associates have extensive experience working with other design professionals, taking a project from initial design concept to completed construction while providing thoughtful solutions to every challenge.
We have partnerships with Owners, Architects, other specialties Engineers and Builders to make their structural visions come to life.
  • New Building Design
  • Remodels and Tenant Improvements
  • Site Walls and Retaining Walls
  • Telecom Shelters and Site Projects
  • Telecommunication Tower Design
  • Solar Shelters and Equipment Platforms
  • Specialty Ceiling Design
  • Building Information Modeling / BIM

Construction documents

Z Group – Birou de Structuri provides attentive consultation, efficient structural designs and quality construction drawings.
We use a variety of computer software programs to aid in the process of receiving client data and drawings, performing structural analysis and clearly representing final designs in the form of construction documents. Our goals are to work closely with clients so that our designs compliment their visions and our deliverables are clear and easy to follow.

Construction administration

Z Group – Birou de Structuri also provides construction administration services to ensure that what we design is built according to plan. Our employees have extensive experience working on construction sites. We value our relationships with contractors as much as we do with owners and architects.
Z Group – Birou de Structuri team will inspect the construction of all phases of our design work and produce official documentation attesting to the soundness of construction.
Location of our projects: Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria.