Our services

Structural Engineering

Z Group has extensive experience in structural engineering. Included in our project portfolio are high-profile and large-scale projects such as high rise office towers, residential buildings, public buildings, hospitals, industrial buildings etc
Together, our teams of Engineers, Drafters and Technicians consistently develop innovative structural solutions that meet and surpass client expectations.
Our range of expertise includes many structural systems; cast-in-place, post-tensioned, and pre-cast concrete, as well as structural steel, light-gauge steel, wood frame and masonry.
Each project brings unique challenges and we consider the benefits of several alternative structural schemes. By doing this during preliminary design stages, we can ensure the right structural solution is chosen to suit our clients' needs.
As part of an integrated design team, we design for longevity in buildings, providing durable systems and adaptable layouts that lend themselves to upgrading and future change.
We understand how structure interacts with all aspects of design. We believe the best structural solutions not only meet structural demands of the project, but also recognize architectural objectives, functional requirements and accommodate the needs of the other engineering, design and construction disciplines.
Everyone on Z Group’s Structural Engineering Team is dedicated to delivering superior client service and to designing effective, economical and sustainable projects.

Sustainable Design Approach

Z Group’s engineers work closely with the entire design team in a fully integrated design process to produce sustainable buildings that balance economic, social and environmental needs.
We always do preliminary structural schemes in various structural materials: Cast-in-place concrete, post-tensioned concrete, precast concrete, structural steel, light-gauge steel, wood-frame and masonry. Also we provide full analysis of the pros and cons of alternate structural schemes, including issues related to cost, construction schedule, effect on architectural design and details and effect on mechanical systems.
Today, truly sustainable buildings are designed holistically, responding directly to their environments and drawing energy and resources directly from that environment. These buildings need to be designed in a truly interdisciplinary fashion. The architecture, the structure, the cladding, the heating and cooling systems, the lights and power, the landscaping are no longer separate elements. They are all part of the same whole, part of the same machine for living. They need to be designed together.
Z Group is active in researching ways to preserve and protect our planet and meet our clients' sustainability goals in cost-effective ways. We offer durable and adaptable structural design solutions while minimizing material use, energy consumption and environmental impact.
These values direct how we operate the company and form all of our design decisions. Sustainable design methods integrated into every project.

Structural Restoration / Refurbisment

Buildings are a significant investment and require ongoing maintenance and repair. As part of your building management team, Z Group provides services to building owners and managers from due diligence reports, right through to restoration and maintenance.
We are specialists in heritage building restoration and our projects and research in this area are award-winning and industry-leading.
We have earned our reputation for providing practical, flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet the rigorous requirements of the structure, while minimizing the disruption to the building operation.
Z Group has developed expertise in a wide variety of structural materials, client requirements, environmental factors and construction procedures. Our familiarity with these diverse conditions and materials allows us to assess damage, predict potential problems, and devise repair and maintenance strategies that add value to existing structures and protect our clients from costly extras.
From initial assessment to repair and protection strategies, our proactive approach yields longer-lasting, efficient, healthy buildings for our clients.

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Structures aids in the development of pre-construction designs to eliminate chances of errors in the construction process.
Using building information modelling (BIM) data generated during design and build over the whole project lifecycle enables faster, safer, less wasteful construction and more cost-effective, sustainable operation, maintenance and eventual decommissioning.
Digital design and visualization also make it easier to compare alternative options, allowing environmental and visual impacts to be assessed and providing opportunities to discuss the concerns of the public and special interest groups and identify the best solution.

Finite Element Static and Dynamic Analysis; Load Prediction

Z Group has extensive experience in finite element modeling of all types of structures. Static, dynamic, modal, random vibration (PSD) analyses are all available.
ZGroup can support your thermal analysis needs through thermal finite element modeling. The analysis can be done concurrently with structural modeling and analysis.
Using strain life methods, stress life or load life methods we can analyze your product, develop a loading spectrum and make fatigue life predictions for system.
We can perform a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis during the design development process to identify potential failure modes, determine their effect and determine what steps have to be taken to mitigate the failures. By performing a FMEA early in the design development cycle, we can design quality and reliability into your building to minimize potential problems.
We also perform Structural design using the latest techniques for tall towers, such as 'push-over' analysis, displacement based design and non-linear time history analysis for performance based seismic design.

Geotechnical & Ground Engineering

Our experienced team is qualified and prepared to provide the following geotechnical engineering services:
Foundation Design. Our engineers design parameters and settlement analyses for shallow spread footings, mat foundations, driven piles, drilled piers (caissons), auger cast piling, and pressure injected footings
Settlement and Subsidence Analysis. We analyze loose granular deposits for liquefaction potential, calculate the consolidation settlement in soft clay and organic deposits under new earth embankment or area fill
Pile Foundation Design and Construction. Our engineers consult in the design and inspection of pile foundation systems utilizing traditional methods as well as newer technologies, including the use of pile integrity testing equipment
Retaining Structures. We can help with designing parameters for earth retaining structures, including cantilever systems, tied-back walls, and gravity retaining walls
Excavation Shoring plans for jack & bore pits, pump stations, manholes, cofferdams, foundations, pipe trenches, tank removal/installation, contaminated soil removal, etc. using the following construction methods:

  • Beam and plate (soldier piles)
  • Sheet piles
  • Trench shields and manhole boxes
  • Secant Shafts
  • Slide rail systems
  • Soil nail walls
  • Cofferdams
  • Hydraulic trench jacks
  • Deadmen and tiebacks
Excavation Safety & Slope Stability plans to approve temporary excavations for trenches or Pits structures over 20’-deep, or steeper than limits outlined in federal OSHA regulations.
Structural Shoring design for building and bridge retrofit, in order to temporarily relieve/support loading of structural members to allow for modification or replacement, or new footing construction.

Concept and Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is an engineering study based on test work and engineering analysis, which presents enough information to determine whether or not the project should be advanced to the final engineering and production fabrication stage. Key components in the feasibility study are the design, production schedule, a detailed process flow sheet, consideration of environmental issues, detailed capital and operating costs estimates, and an economic model of the project.
The consequences of not following these steps are project delays and costs, including lost opportunity costs. Experience has shown that skipping the pre-feasibility study does not save time and money because issues that should have been identified early in the process are not found, creating delays while these issues are analyzed and addressed, which results in increased costs.
Z Group has broad and deep experience in conducting feasibility studies that will optimize the path from concept to production.


We provide a range of professional architectural services to help you achieve your design objectives. We meet all your architectural design and documentation need by transforming your ideas into strong, user-friendly designs and 3D models. We provide high quality accurate 3D visualization images, models and services to suite your needs. Out in-house experts offer a high level of detail in modeling, rendering and texturing. Our digital interactive media tools empower you with clear visualization of the end product.
Our Architectural Services include the following:

  • Concept Design
  • Schematic floor and reflected ceiling plans
  • Sections and Elevations
  • 3D Visualization
  • Fly through, walk through
  • Exterior Rendering
  • Interior Rendering
  • 360 Degree Panoramic Views
  • Photo Montage
  • Design Assistance
  • Building Construction Documents
  • Site survey

Interior Design

Your home should reflect your values, wants, needs and most importantly…YOU!
The approach we take and the services we provide allow us to deliver value and eliminate unnecessary expenditures leaving you with a living space that exceeds your expectations and represents a reflection of your aspirations and lifestyle.
Z Group offers a full range of interior design services for commercial and residential spaces and support on the site during the implementation of the design. Being involved in every aspect of your interior design project provides you with a flowing continuity and leads to a timeless result that will make you the envy of friends and family.
Services include:

  • Concept Design/Feasibility Study
  • Full Interior Design Service RIBA Stages 0-7
  • Furniture Fitting layouts using new and existing furniture and Equipment Specification
  • Floor plans, elevations, details and renderings
  • Custom furniture, kitchen and bathroom design
  • Preconstruction services – Helping clients to communicate interior elements needed by architects and contractors, prior to and during the construction process
  • ADA services – provide design services for clients with special needs.

Landscape Architecture

Our landscape designers have experience in all stages of the design process, from pre-surveys to complete implementation plans. We get involved in civil engineering and infrastructure projects at an early stage to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.
We provide analyses and assist with site surveys, configuration, and environmental impact assessments.
Landscaping includes planning and design for infrastructure and transport developments, residential and mixed-use areas, offices, hospitals, schools and other public spaces, as well as major industrial sites.
Landscape architects are involved in projects from the earliest stage design studies, throughout the planning process, to construction and management plans, covering everything from broad landscape concept designs to small-scale landscape detailing.
Our projects all have an environmental focus based on consideration of alternative solutions and assessment of the environmental impact of the design.
Typical commissions

  • Landscape integration (road, railways, bridges and tunnels, landscape reclamation, water constructions)
  • Urban environment integration (residential areas, offices and industries, gardens, parks and green belts, pedestrian areas, cemeteries, design programs)
  • Recreational planning (camping resorts, recreation areas, marinas, preservation areas)
Physical planning (planning programs, master plans, landscape analyses, impact studies)

On-site build and engineering support

Z Group – Birou de Structuri also provides construction administration services to ensure that what we design is built according to plan. Our employees have extensive experience working on construction sites. We value our relationships with contractors as much as we do with owners and architects.
Z Group – Birou de Structuri team will inspect the construction of all phases of our design work and produce official documentation attesting to the soundness of construction.