About our company

Z Group – Birou de Structuri S.R.L. is a structural engineering firm that provides design services for residential, commercial and industrial projects.
We are privately owned and based in Bucharest, Romania
We thrive on creativity and deliver on our promise of “Innovative Thinking. Practical Results.”
We mobilize the expertise that exists throughout the company and apply it to projects around the world.
Why clients choose Z Group:
  • Architects choose us because we bring our collaborative approach and creative solutions to achieve their vision.
  • Clients value us because we take a budget–conscious approach and work to find the best solution to their projects' unique challenges.
  • Developers appreciate that we work to understand their business needs and look beyond structure to develop optimal solutions for each project.
  • Contractors find that our belief in teamwork and our willingness to modify our designs to suit input from co-consultants, contractors, or other disciplines leads to better constructability.
  • Stakeholders and communities respect us because we work concertedly and consultatively, and we apply sustainability principles to everything we do.
As an innovative leader in the use of building information modelling (BIM), our expertise in the integrated use of this leading edge process helps our clients enhance their competitive advantage.
Z Group was honored with a 2011 Special BIM Jury Prize in Nemetschek International Contest in Germany.
Teamwork matters, and our corporate culture has been a major factor in our firm’s success and continued growth. Z Group is committed to developing the skills, strengths and careers of our people. Many of our senior people have developed their careers within Z Group and every year, new engineers bring new ideas and research to the table.